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Protective Sam


Protective Sam

I am not going to lie, there were some serious issues with this episode but on we go!


  • Gabriel. I have no idea if he was just a figment of Cas’ imagination that Metatron placed there or if he is actually working for Metatron or is being a double agent and has out smarted Metatron and has his own plan, but it was a welcome return. Gabriel has always been my favorite angel by far and this show needs him back. He is the only thing that made the angel sl temporarily interesting.
  • I really liked the look Sam gave Dean at the end. He is clearly worried about him and cares no matter what is being said to the contrary.
  • I am still very interested to see this dark path Dean is heading down. Cas’ warning to Sam to keep an eye on him I think is an indicator of very dark things to come. Hopefully Sam will be the one to save him and he should be.
  • Despite everything Dean still sees it as him and Sam against the world and that’s great. He can never lose that thought and feeling or he will lose who he is more than he already has.


  • The opening reminded me of that episode in season 6 that Cas commentated on when he told his story and I hated that opening. It is cheesy and stupid. The writers couldn’t come up with anything else?
  • Speaking of writing, that was another huge problem this episode. First off, they had Metatron act like the new Chuck. They even had him write his own story and act like he knew exactly how it was all going to play out. That was exactly like Chuck. The writers seriously could not come up with something new? On top of that, they had Metatron throw the Winchester Gospel into the fire. I am at a loss with this. The writers were subtly trashing what SPN was, whether they realize it or not, which is insane to me because SPN use to be FAR better. So here we have the writers rehashing the same type of sl’s over and over again because they aren’t creative enough to come up with something new and then we have them theoretically spitting on what SPN use to be and I am suppose to sit back and applaud where they are taking the show? No thank you. The funniest part was when Gabriel said, “no one likes continuity errors” and I really hope that was the writers poking fun at themselves because if it wasn’t, they have no self awareness. There is nothing but continuity errors on SPN these days. 
  • Speaking of writing again, I am sick of how they are writing Sam and Dean. I can only hope there is some sort of payoff and Sam does save Dean in the end because they keep writing him like he doesn’t care about Dean nearly as much as Dean cares about him. Yes I am sure Gadreel was lying to Dean but the things he said were in line with some of what Sam said earlier this season and Dean knew that. He said so himself, Sam has said far worse things to him. This is what Dean thinks and feels whether it is actually true or not. This nonsense better be worth it, that’s all I have to say.
  • And why didn’t Sam get to be the one to try and get info out of Gadreel? I think he has earned the right but he as sent off. I didn’t like that.
  • Finally, why did it seem like Sam and Dean were not the main sl this episode? That is ridiculous. I don’t care about the angels anymore. That sl was played out a long time ago and should have ended a long time ago but here we are with all that being the focus while Sam and Dean were off to the side. Sam and Dean should always be the focus imo and the show suffers when they aren’t.

This season has been such a letdown for me.