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I feel like Sam and Dean are side characters too often on this show these days. Their stories are told mostly in the form of parallels via others. Poor storytelling, in my opinion. :/

Dean + being a dork

Dean Winchester in 9x18 | Alex Annie Alexis Ann

I missed the “Sammy!”


"...but I can carry you."


"...but I can carry you."


F**king love it when they do this.

I liked the episode overall so let’s get to it!


  • I am SO happy they remembered the vampire lore and were able to cure Alex. I was worried because we know how these writers are with canon. They didn’t disappoint me for once.
  • I like Jody so while I normally do not like a lot of the focus being taken off of Sam and Dean, I was ok with it. Jody’s arc has not ever quite been complete because there has been a hole in her life since her family died but I feel like things came full circle in this episode which was good.
  • I liked the concern Sam showed for Dean at the end of the episode. They haven’t had Sam vocalize this enough and it was nice they finally did. Dean is enjoying it, the mark is taking over and Sam needs to keep an eye on him. I hope Sam will be the one to save him in the end.
  • I felt like the episode flowed very well. Last week’s episode was very choppy but this one wasn’t. The transitions made sense and everything connected well.
  • The lighting in this episode was good too. I miss the lighting from the first couple of seasons but this episode didn’t feel too bright like they sometimes do. The episodes need a grungy look to them because that helps with the atmosphere.


  • We all know Dean has become pretty ruthless but Sam agreeing with him about the girl was surprising. I think this goes to show how different they are compared to when they first started the show. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised because these are the guys who never exorcise demons anymore. They kill them along with the host without a second thought. I don’t know if this is a negative about the episode, it is just sad imo to see that humanity diminishing more and more as time goes on.
  • This takes us to Dean. This dark Dean is definitely disturbing. Any lightness he once had is just gone right now. He doesn’t joke anymore. He doesn’t feel much anymore either. It seems he has shut that off right now for the most part. I think what Sam said to him about not saving him a few episodes back was the final straw so to speak. I really have no idea how they are going to fix Dean and Sam and Dean. Has too much damage been done between them?
  • Dean said to Sam after he saved him “I know, you wouldn’t have done the same thing.” That was harsh and I didn’t like it. He just casually threw it out there. It does show he is obviously still bothered by it but he is holding his emotions back like I said above. Sam also did not correct him. I mean seriously? It shows no repair has really been done to their relationship. This has been dragging on for way too long. They need to fix it because the frustration over their fractured relationship is really taking its toll on many viewers.

I cant say I am looking forward to next week’s episode because the spin off looks stupid imo but we shall see how it goes.

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