My name is Colleen and welcome to my world.

My wise and wonderful father one day decided to invent his own motto and it is one I try to live by everyday.

"You are what you want and want what you are."

Who you are in part is who you choose to be. If you are not happy with that then change it.


This blog is 95% Supernatural, Sam and Dean, and Jared and Jensen related and 5% everything else I am interested in. I am also not a fan of Castiel so I try not to discuss him and just stick to the brothers. If none of this floats your boat, you may not like it here very much. But you can come talk to me anyway! I am a pretty nice and easy going person.

Most people talk about “Swan Song” and how the brother’s love and bond saved the world and rightfully so but they would have never gotten there if their love for each other didn’t prevail one other time. One of my favorite scenes in the whole series was when Dean turned down Michael for the final time in, “The Point of No Return,” and the explanation for why he did in the car afterwards with Sam. Without Sam’s faith in Dean and belief he could say no, we would have had a very different ending. Sam’s faith has been a recurring theme in Supernatural and it was that faith that saw Dean through. Dean had lost his but he knew Sam hadn’t. He knew Sam still believed in him even when he couldn’t. Sam still had faith in his big brother and it was that faith that triggered Dean’s big brother instinct. All he had to do was look over at his little brother writhing on the ground to understand there was no other choice but to say no because disappointing Sammy simply wasn’t an option. He looked after him, took care of him, was Sammy’s savior time and time again, and most importantly was the one person he could count on his whole life and he could not let him down. He could not and would not fail him. To hell with the angels and their plan, it was what Sam thought and felt that was important. Their love and bond saved them then. It was the first step. Dean realized he did have faith in his brother and it was time to show it. It was this faith that in turn helped Sam in “Swan Song.” They really came full circle. Their faith in each other and love for each other did save the world and is what sees them through time and time again.

And that to me is what Supernatural is all about. Everything else is just a vehicle to help tell this story.

The story is of two brothers whose bond and love for each other can conquer anything.

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    Omg, I feel the same way… the dialogue scene after Dean refused Michael is one of the greatest scenes ever for me…....
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